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Release Notes

 InSite v 3.18

The following features and fixes are included in InSite v3.18:

  • New option to constrain gridsearch to points inside (or outside) one of the objects defined in 3D visualiser: ellipsoid, cylinder or cuboid.
  • Added an option to control user access to InSite. In order to enhance the security of the application, an Administrator can manage the access to InSite through a password control with customisable password length and validity dates. Please note that to activate this service you will first need to uninstall any previous installation of InSite.
  • Selection of projection in 3D visualiser is saved and remembered when accessing the project 

Bug fixes in version 3.18:

  • Fixed crashes on the visualisation of sonic logs in frac manager
  • Fixed import of .stl objects created with Solid Works
  • Fixed crashes on help menu

InSite v 3.17.1


The following features and fixes are included in InSite v3.17.1:


  • Added option to constrain 180-deg ambiguity in source vector calculation for event location.
  • Improved flexibility and diagnostics for the import of seismic data in SAC and GCF formats.
  • Fixed import of miniSEED files when blockette 2000 is used 



Please note that following the rebranding of our company, the new version will install by default on: C:\Program Files\ASC\InSite and will not update previous versions installed in different directories. We recommend uninstalling any previous versions of InSite before installing this latest update. 
InSite Release Notes

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