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Release Notes

InSite v 3.16.3

The following features and fixes are included in InSite v3.16.3: 

  • Support for the import of Nanometrics Y-files. 

  • Support for streaming of continuous records from Nanometrics seismic stations. 

  • Changes to the interface of InSite Database tool, InSite DB, with separate configuration of data Server and Client operations. 

  • Removed unwanted error pop up message "CD status: unknown GPS fix code" during streaming of GCF data  

  • Improved reporting of dongle expiry date 

  • Increased the number of raypaths in ‘Velocity survey chart’ to 12. Changes to legend display to avoid overlapping with chart. 

  • Improved operation of combo boxes used to list and select components/events in waveform visualiser, mechanism visualiser and several dialog boxes 

Please note that following the rebranding of our company, the new version will install by default on: C:\Program Files\ASC\InSite and will not update previous versions installed in different directories. We recommend uninstalling any previous versions of InSite before installing this latest update. 
InSite Release Notes

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