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InSite Seismic Processing Software Release Notes 

 InSite v 3.19.1

 Released on 18.10.2023

 The following fixes are included in InSite v3.19.1: 

  • Correction of missing  user 3D Event position in some views of Array Analysis
  • Fixed occasional crash on adding downhole array
  • Fixed export of processing properties parameters (Grid Search Pixel Dimension East)
  • Fixed incorrect calculation of local magnitude when amplitude obtained from both horizontal components
  • Fixed crash when x and y axes are deactivated in default receiver array but then “amplitude from both horizontal components” is selected in the local magnitude equation
  • Fixed uninitialised variables issue in source mechanism decomp algorithm
  • Fixed potential log10 of zero issue in calculation of instrument magnitude
  • Fixed occasional issue importing SAC files which caused duplication of channel traces in resulting ESFs
  • Corrected Import of SEG-Y files to correctly auto detect endianess of data 

InSite v 3.19

 Released on 07.02.2023

 The following features and fixes are included in InSite v3.19:

  • Calculation and display of Shake maps displaying PPA or PPV for seismic events monitored using a surface array
  • Calculation of Local magnitude (ML) using a user-configurable equation
  • Incorporated the option in Frac manager to add uniaxial sensor arrays, e,g, fibre optics lines.
  • Added the import and harvesting of BDF files from AE and surveys acquired using Elsys acquisition systems
  • Additional configuration options in the import of SAC files
  • Added flexible options for the enablibg and disabling of channels
  • Added BDF format files to the Stream visualiser

Bug fixes in version 3.19:

  • Fixed crashes when sonic logs do not match 
  • Fixed reset in cluster label when cluster index is calculated


Please note that following the rebranding of our company, the new version will install by default on: C:\Program Files\ASC\InSite and will not update previous versions installed in different directories. We recommend uninstalling any previous versions of InSite before installing this latest update. 
InSite Release Notes

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