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Acoustic Emission monitoring systems


ASC supplies a range of hardware solutions for data acquisition in acoustic monitoring of material testing. Our range include equipment for data and sensor interface instrumentation for signal amplification, filtering of the AE sensor signals, and functionality for multiple events triggering.

This hardware can be used for a range of applications:

  • AE event monitoring via trigger or continuous mode,
  • ultrasonic velocity surveying,
  • vibration monitoring,
  • research and laboratory-based high-speed data acquisition, and
  • general applications requiring high trigger rates and multi-channel triggering.

Our  hardware solutions include multi-channel trigger-based acquisition and and continuous streaming AE monitoring systems that can be customised to your specific application and objectives. Contact us for information on our hardware range and how it can fit your monitoring job.

 Geophysical imaging cell (Lombos Ergo Associates)Geophysical imaging cell (Lombos Ergo Associates)

Acoustic Emission monitoring systemAcoustic Emission monitoring system

AE Monitoring Systems

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