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Software Support

Q What is the support plan and what does it provide?

ASC’s support plans provide software maintenance and technical support and include any software upgrades, patches and bug fixes that may become available for your licensed software during the active term of your support agreement.


Q What is the period of the support plan cover and when does it expire?

ASC software products when initially purchased include, at no extra cost, 12 months of software maintenance and technical support. Once this initial maintenance and support period comes to an end on the anniversary of the software licence purchase, software maintenance and technical services are no longer available unless renewed. The support period thereafter runs from the 1st January to the 31st of December.


Q When will I receive notice about my support agreement expiring?

We send our renewal notices out 60-90 days prior to the expiration of maintenance, to ensure appropriate time is given to seek the necessary purchase approvals and to complete the procurement process.


Q What happens if I decide not to renew the support agreement?

Renewing the support agreement ensures continuous maintenance services and technical support. If you choose not to renew your support then you will not have access to technical support or software upgrades, patches and bug fixes.


Q I am not subscribed to a support plan, can I still get technical support?

No, we can only provide support to clients subscribed to one of our support plans. It is a simple process to get back on to one of our support plans after which we can provide the required support. Please contact us at for details on how to renew your support subscription.


Q What is a support ticket and how does it work?

A support ticket is opened following a request for technical support from a client. This could be to assist with a software installation or update issue or a technical query related to the operation of the software. Once the support query/issue has been resolved, the ticket is closed. Clients can submit a support ticket by contacting us directly at 


Q How do I receive software updates

Software updates will be made available via our website ( Clients subscribed to either of our support plans can download the update from our website and update their software.


Q  Do I need to pay back dated maintenance support fees if I wish to rejoin the support plan at a later date?

No, we do not backdate support agreement fees for the period where you were not under support. Instead we look at the software version at the time when your licence was last under support and compare that software version to the current version we provide. Where the older version is less than 5 years out of support, we will charge a surcharge payment to bring your licence key up to date. This is more cost effective than purchasing a new licence. However, we can provide both options i.e. for the upgrading and support of an old licence key and the purchase of a new licence.

For software licence versions older than 5 years, we cannot upgrade these and a new licence would be required.


Q  Can I continue to use the software even if I’m not under support?

Unless stated otherwise, ASC’s software is sold with a perpetual licence, therefore customers can continue to use the then-current version of their licensed software for ever/as long as required. However without a current support contract in place, you will not have access to technical support and/or to bug fix, software updates/upgrades and you cannot download and use the latest version of the software.


Q  Can I just pay for the software maintenance and not the technical support?

No. The support agreement includes both the software maintenance and technical support.


Q How do I get in contact if I require sales support?

For any sales related queries please email us at 


Q How do I get in contact if I require technical support?

For any technical support related queries please email us at 


Software support

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