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InSite advanced course 

Overview: This course is intended for existing users of the InSite seismic processing software, who have a good understanding of the basic steps and procedures of processing seismic data using ASC’s Insite software.  The course covers the use of advanced features and tools which are available in the InSite-HF software package and also as optional plugins which can be used with the other InSite software products (e.g. InSite-Geo, InSite-Lab):

  • Event location in complex media (layered and 3D velocity models)
  • Source mechanism on uniaxial and triaxial MS data
  • Seismic array design and performance analysis
  • Velocity model calibration
  • Analysis tools: Fracture network analysis, parameter charting, b-value analysis, clustering

The course can be delivered online, at our offices in Shrewsbury (UK) or at the client's premises and includes hands-on tutorials and handouts in electronic format.   This course is a one (1) day course and can be split over two (2) days if delivered online.

This course is endorsed by the Geological Society of London


Location: on-site or online

Language: English

Duration: 8 hours (two 4-hour sessions)


 A temporary 5-day licence of InSite-HF to follow the tutorials is included with the course

Contact us for more information on price and schedule.

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