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Popular FAQs on InSite seismic processing software

Q Which InSite package is right for me?

InSite is available as five different packages; InSite-Lab, InSite-Geo , InSite-HF, InSite-Edu and InSite-Lite , each with a  set of  customised tools for different applications.

  • InSite-Lab:  Designed for Acoustic Emission processing including tools for processing of acoustic data acquired in laboratory testing.
  • InSite-Geo: Seismic processing for general applications, from regional seismicity to acoustic monitoring.
  • InSite-HF: Microseismic processing including tools optimised for real-time monitoring of reservoir simulation.
  • InSite-Edu: A tool available for academics teaching areas related to seismic processing, analysis and interpretation.
  • InSite-Lite: Our free version of InSite with limited functionality.

Click here to download a brochure with the tools and functionalities for the InSite packages. Please contact us to discuss your requirements or to arrange a demonstration.


Q How can I upgrade to the latest version of InSite?

The latest version of InSite is available to download for licence holders with a current software support plan, please go our InSite Downloads page. 

 If you do not have a current support plan please contact us for a support renewal  quotation. You can find further information on our support subscription here.


Q How is InSite licensed?

InSite software licences have four parts.

    Licence Type:    Standalone (single user) or network (multi user).

    License Term:    Perpetual or subscription

    Licence Key:       Hardware (USB key) or software (digital).

    Licence Use:       Commercial or Academic. Academic licences can only be purchased by accredited degree-granting educational institutions and universities for educational teaching and non-commercial research  purposes.


Q Can InSite be customised?

Yes, we can provide customised solutions for specific monitoring projects and setups. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and how InSite can be developed to fit your project.


Q When was my version of InSite released?

    Version 3.19 released February 2023

    Version 3.18.1 released September 2022

    Version 3.18 released February 2022

    Version 3.17.1 released September 2021

    Version 3.17 released February 2021

    Version 3.16 released February 2020

    Version 3.15 released January 2019

    Version 3.14 released March 2018

    Version 3.13 released December 2017

    Version 3.12 released September 2017

    Version 3.11 released May 2017

    Version 3.10 released February 2017

    Version 3.9 released May 2016


Q How can I locate my licence number?

  1. Open InSite.
  2. Open a new or existing project.
  3. Go to Help
  4. Select 'About InSite - Seismic Processor'


Q What is DinkeyChange ?

Dinkey change is a third party program used to update USB standalone and network keys, it can be downloaded from our resources page here. DinkeyChange will also identify the licence and update number. 


Q Does InSite have any Log4j vulnerability?

The Apache Log4j  is not an issue for InSite software as we do not use Apache. 

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