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The demand for mineral resources is pushing mining exploration and operations into deeper and more complex operations, involving the mobilisation of larger rock volumes an a higher risk of catastrophic failure around pre-existing excavations, highly-stressed geological structures, infrastructure or subsidence around populated areas. Seismic monitoring provides a unique tool for imaging the the fracturing process and changes in the rock mass associated to the stress changes induced by mining operations facilitating a safer, more efficient and sustainable operation. 


Seismic monitoring of mining operationsSeismic monitoring of mining operations

ASC offers a  range of services and products applying the techniques of seismology to the imaging of fracturing and deformation processes associated with mining operations:

  • Design, analysis and optimisation of seismic monitoring networks
  • Characterisation of induced and mobilised fracture networks from the analysis of seismic catalogues
  • Automated real-time event detection, location and processing with InSite seismic processing software
  • QC and reprocessing of third-party seismic data
  • Provision of integrated seismic monitoring networks including wireless surface and underground seismic stations, remote check systems and automated processing
  • Quantification and evaluation of blast-induced damage from PPV in Open Pit operations 
  • Validation of predictive geomechanical models
  • Tomographic imaging

Contact us to discuss how we can help you to achieve a safer, more controlled operation. Click on the image below to download a brochure with ASC's services and case studies on the monitoring of mining operations

Download our brochure on services and case studies for the mining industryDownload our brochure on services and case studies for the mining industry

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