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Civil Engineering

Passive and active seismic monitoring are non-intrusive, non-destructive techniques to characterise the health state and integrity of rock and engineered structures, providing a means of imaging and quantifying crack development, damage and disturbance accumulation. Seismic observations can be used to update predictive structural models.

  • Seismic risk assessment
  • Structure integrity monitoring and modelling
  • Safety and containment monitoring of underground geological storage
  • Characterisation of Excavated Damage Zones and crack density evolution.
  • Seismic alarm systems
  • Acoustic Emission and microseismic monitoring to detect fractures around engineered structures and delineate potential fluid pathways.
  • Evaluation of induced seismicity
  • Blast vibration monitoring
  • Validation and development of numerical models for predictive modelling of structural health and response.

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