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What is InSite?

 InSite is an integrated data acquisition, management, processing, visualisation and interpretation software developed for seismological studies. Provides a solution for all seismology applications, ranging in scale from acoustic emissions in the laboratory, through microseismics and induced seismicity around engineering operations, up to regional-scale earthquakes.

Manage your data with comprehensive import and export of raw and processed event data. Locate events through simple and complex velocity models. Carry out manual and automated waveform processing. Visualise seismic events, field objects, geological structures and analysis objects. 

InSite is developed in a version controlled environment within a quality management system. InSite™ has been available as a commercial product for two decades and has been used by leading companies for quality assurance, postprocessing, reprocessing and advanced analysis.

We provide customised solutions for specific monitoring projects and setups. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and how InSite can be developed to fit your project.

Technical support is provided by geophysicists with experience in commercial projects in the engineering, geothermal and energy sectors. We offer general and bespoke software training courses either online, at  our Shrewsbury offices or at our clients premises.

InSite is currently available in five different packages, with tools customised for different applications:

  • InSite-Lite: A free version with limited functionality
  • InSite-Geo: Seismic processing for general applications, from regional seismicity to site acoustic monitoring 
  • InSite-Lab: Acoustic Emission processing including tools for the processing of acoustic data acquired in laboratory testing
  • InSite-HF: Microseismic processing including tools optimised for real-time monitoring of reservoir stimulation. 
  • InSite-Edu:  A tool available for academics teaching areas related to seismic processing, analysis and interpretation.

The tools available in each package are shown in the table below.


Click here to download a brochure with the tools and functionalities available in the latest release of InSite seismic processing software. 

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