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Applied Seismology Consulting (ASC) is a research and development, and consulting SME.

 Our expertise and knowledge are in the application of seismology to the understanding and imaging of both natural and anthropogenic deformation and fracturing processes in rock and brittle materials, at a range of scales from acoustic emission testing in the laboratory up to microseismic monitoring in the field and regional-scale earthquakes.

 For the past 20 years, ASC has applied the techniques of seismology, such as geophysical imaging and waveform analysis, source location and analysis of spatial and temporal patterns, to a range of industries including geological storage, mining, energy and civil engineering. 

 With a shared research and open innovation policy, we are always open to exploring new partnerships, opportunities and projects, integrating the technologies from multiple disciplines


Visit our Case Studies page to download some example projects of application of seismic imaging we have participated in. 

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