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ASC was involved in the first commercial Enhanced Geothermal System (EGS) project in the EU and for over 15 years has undertaken international research programs for the monitoring of rock damage at reservoir scale. ASC’s seismic processing software InSite is used for the processing of induced microseismicity and regional seismicity by commercial companies and research institutions managing geothermal projects in the U.S., Australia, Germany and the Republic of Korea.

Microseismic monitoring allows engineers to image and visualise active fracture networks within developing or producing geothermal fields, providing the following outcomes:

  • Real-time monitoring and optimisation of hydraulic, chemical or thermal stimulation of geothermal fields. The location and characteristics of induced event provide feed-back of information to engineers on the position, growth and effectiveness of a hydrofracture stimulation, or can map extraction and injection paths in a producing field.
  • Post-processing yields a greater understanding of the treatment history and fluid migration. Analysis of microseismic parameters and clustering yields treatment hot zones and provides for an assessment of the completion objectives
  • Gain information on the development of Engineered Geothermal Systems (EGS) and enhance our understanding of long-term reservoir behaviour.
  • Increase the productivity and recovery of the reservoir and assist in the design and optimal location of production wells
  • Map the position, growth and effectiveness of hydrofracture stimulation to assess completion objectives
  • Map extraction and injection paths, treatment history and fluid migration

ASC provides a full integrated processing service from array design, through data management, processing and reporting to advanced interpretations with dynamic numerical models to better understand the growth and activation of the fracture structures. ASC’s advanced analysis of microseismic data yields information on fracture networks such as distribution, persistence and orientations, and can describe the mechanisms behind the fracture growth leading to a better understanding of stimulation of geothermal fields. ASC provides the following services for stakeholders of the geothermal energy sector:

  • Advanced post-processing, analysis and interpretation of client data using a range of techniques and software functionality developed in-house.
  • Analysis of baseline regional seismicity.
  • Seismic processing software for manual and automatic processing of induced and natural seismicity, incorporating customisable alarm systems adapted to local traffic-light-system regulations for induced seismicity.
  • Design, optimisation and quality check of seismic monitoring arrays.
  • Active and passive source tomography for imaging of fractured reservoir volumes.

Click on the image below to download a brochure with ASC's services and case studies on applications to the monitoring of geothermal reservoirs 

Download brochure for applications to the monitoring of geothermal reservoirsDownload brochure for applications to the monitoring of geothermal reservoirs


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