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InSite-Edu, academic software for teaching of seismic processingInSite-Edu, academic software for teaching of seismic processing

InSite-Edu ™ is a new teaching tool aimed at both undergraduate and graduate level, that includes the key components and functionality of InSite Seismic processing software as well as the relevant teaching material to help guide the student through the main steps in the processing, visualisation and analysis of seismic, microseismic and acoustic data.

The teaching material includes example datasets from a wide  range of applications, ranging from the monitoring of geothermal reservoirs to the monitoring of acoustic emission during laboratory rock testing. In addition to the these example datasets, students can use InSite-Edu for their own projects and available datasets as InSite-Edu is compatible with multiple industry-standard data formats.

InSite-Edu is managed through a network licence, enabling multiple students to simultaneously and conveniently access the software either remotely or on site (e.g. on the university campus). To request a quotation or get more information about InSite-Edu please contact us.


InSite-Edu Features

  • Access to training material and example data sets from seismic and acoustic monitoring projects at all scales
  • Import data from a range of common formats including SEGY, SEG2, SEGD, SEISAN, SEED, MiniSEED, GCF, SAC.
  • Event detection and triggering from data streams. Windows-based graphical user interface. Manual or automatic processing of event data with range of sophisticated automatic arrival-picking, source location and source parameter algorithms.
  • Rotation of waveforms from triaxial or quadraxial instruments into ray coordinate systems and display of particle motions on hodogram plots. Display of colour-density sonograms and polarisograms.
  • Ray-tracing algorithms with layered velocity structures to locate seismic events within a 3D volume (including anisotropy). 
  • Display of the event locations in a 3D scene, allowing rotating, panning, magnifying and flying through the scene plus creation of hot planes and 3D objects.
  • Velocity analysis for 'active' data for velocity and amplitude information including waveform cross-correlation algorithm for repeated surveys.
  • Calculation and visualisation of source mechanisms and fault plane solutions.

InSite-Edu is available for academic clients working in a educational institution. The licence is linked to a full academic version of InSite and is renewed on a 12-month basis, subject to agreement. To apply for using InSite-Edu in your institution please fill the form below and send it back to us at


 InSite-Edu application form

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