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ASC offers a wide range of training courses and custom courses delivered both online and in our UK office or at your company’s offices. Contact us to discuss the content and delivery of a course tailored to your application or area of interest.   

Our scheduled courses for 2020/21 include:


Fracture imaging 

2-3 December 2020 .  15:00-17:00 GMT

Identifying, locating and characterising fractures, natural or induced, is a subject of interest in many research areas, from earth to material sciences and industrial applications such as civil engineering, geological storage and energy. This course will provide an overview on the application of acoustic and seismic monitoring in the investigation and imaging of fracturing processes both natural and induced. The course includes hands-on tutorials, processing real-life monitoring projects at different scales, from the laboratory to reservoir scales using ASC’s InSite seismic processor. A 1-week licence is included in the course for the revision of the example data sets.

The course is delivered online over two 2-hour sessions.

The course is intended for those with some background in seismic processing and those interested in extracting more information from their seismic data.

Course objectives:

-          Understand the induction of fractures and generation of acoustic and seismic events.

-          Understand how the seismic waveform record is used to reconstruct the source

-          Extract information from seismic catalogues about the geometry and nature of associated fractures

-          Understand the use of active surveys to image fracturing processes. 


-          The mechanics of fracturing

-          Fractures as seismic sources

-          Passive imaging:

  • Overview of seismic processing
  • Determining fracture plane and mechanism
    • Hands-on: Fault Plane solution and moment tensor inversion from a laboratory rock fracturing test
  • Microseismic Discrete Fracture Network
  • Fracture imaging from seismic catalogues
    • Calculating Fracture Network Geometry
    • Fracture interaction and coalescence
    • Hands-on: Stimulated fracture volume and fracture geometry from reservoir stimulation and excavation monitoring projects

-          Active imaging

  • Ultrasonic surveys
    • Hands-on: Monitoring of rock deformation tests

 Price: 99 GBP

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Other Courses:

  • Introduction to Seismology (4 hours)
  • Seismic and acoustic monitoring array design (4 hours)
  • Seismic event location (4 hours)
  • The seismic source: characterisation through inversion of seismic records (4 hours)
  • Basic, Intermediate and Advanced InSite User training



Please contact us to discuss the above training courses or for any bespoke training

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