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InSite v 3.17 released

Posted 10/2/2021

ASC is pleased to announce the release of InSite v 3.17  which include a number of fixes and added functionality to improve its performance and application to the interpretation of seismic, microseismic and AE data.

The new features include:

  • Import of 3D objects in .stl (stereo lithography) format, also known as ‘Standard tessellation Language’, supported by a wide range of open source CAD and 3D printing software packages. The objects can be imported into InSite’s 3D visualiser to use a reference for the processed seismic or AE events, with options for customising transparency, rendering and colour. The 3D objects can be used as a volume filter in the event filter.
  • Improved representation of T-k plots for source mechanism, incorporating options for interpretation labels, customisable colour scale for events and display of density of events
  • Added functionality to import 3D velocity models defined as text .csv files.
  • Added support for digital network licenses
  • Added TCP5 waveform files acquired from Elsys instruments to the interfaces for import, leaching and visualising stream. 
  • Added flexibility for the harvesting and import of miniSEED files, allowing any order for blockettes 1000 and 1001, and spaces in the naming of stations. 

Bug fixes in version 3.17:

  • Fixed abnormal program exiting when clicking on 3D objects
  • Fixed crashes on editing histogram plots
  • Fixed occasional unwanted error messages when exiting stream data mapping dialog
  • Fixed occasional loss of higher zoom level data when zooming in on data formatted from SBench binary data files in stream visualiser
  • Fixed number formatting error when adding well object in Frac Manager
  • Fixed crash on Auto import of leached events into data visualiser if existing component has and invalid ESF path.
  • Fixed Simplex tolerance range check to only apply if control in location algorithms dialogue box is enabled

InSite users currently under support can download the latest release from our downloads page. Please note you will need to update your software key before upgrading to the new release. If you are not currently under support and would like to upgrade to the latest version, contact us to discuss the different options to update your InSite software

InSite v 3.17 released

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